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Computer library
SWT.JAR  (Windows/MacOS/Linux/Solaris , 32/64bits)

You may experience compatibility issues when launching the program. This may be due to a bad version of the SWT library. JAR! You can download the version corresponding to your operating system at the following address:
Aix  swt.jar[#1] SWT.JAR - aix-gtk-ppc
 swt.jar[#2] SWT.JAR - aix-gtk-ppc64
HP  swt.jar[#3] SWT.JAR - hpux-ia64-32
Linux  swt.jar[#4] SWT.JAR - linux-gtk-ppc64
 swt.jar[#5] SWT.JAR - linux-gtk-x86
 swt.jar[#6] SWT.JAR - linux-gtk-x86-64
MacOSX  swt.jar[#7] SWT.JAR - macosx-carbon
 swt.jar[#8] SWT.JAR - macosx-cocoa
 swt.jar[#9] SWT.JAR - macosx-cocoa-x86-64
Solaris  swt.jar[#10] SWT.JAR - solaris-gtk-sparc
 swt.jar[#11] SWT.JAR - solaris-x86
Windows  swt.jar[#12] SWT.JAR - windows-x86
 swt.jar[#13] SWT.JAR - windows-x86-64
1) Download the SWT file. JAR corresponding to your operating system
2) Replace the SWT.JAR library in the EuropeSoftwares application folder


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